About Me

Lisa Waltke is an example of finding beauty in chaos. Having seen life through its many ups and downs, Lisa always comes out on top because she believes there are lessons to be learned every step of the way. She believes, “never a victim, always a victor”, even when life brings you to your knees. She’s a true “salt of the earth” kind of girl… a born-and-bred Texan—and she’s got the grit and moxie to prove it.

Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Lisa attended high school at Richard King High where she believes she learned less from her books and more from her misadventures. A social butterfly by nature, Lisa’s favorite memories in high school were singing in Choir and flitting about campus, socializing. As life would have it, Lisa found herself a young mother when she gave birth to her daughters at age 18 and 19. Lisa knew that she needed to do what she could to help provide for her girls and knew an education would be the only way to get ahead in life and provide a better life. She went back to school, and finally, after a year of hard work at Austin Community College, she got accepted and began attending the University of Texas. In college, Lisa studied to be a nurse, but with the overflowing plate of responsibilities of taking full time credits at UT, raising two young girls, working part time as a waitress, volunteering at a local hospital, and maintaining a household, she decided to take a break from school. Not too long after, she made the absolute best decision of her life and decided to become a licensed real estate agent in 1997 (a job helping people, much like a nurse, but without a thermometer). It has always been paramount to Lisa that she pursue a profession in which she can help people. Real estate filled (and continues to fill) that need, many times over.


They say it takes 725,000 pounds of pressure per square inch to turn carbon into a diamond—and Lisa’s unconventional life experiences have helped form her into a true gem. She functions best under pressure and considers her learning style to be “trial by fire.” At the age of 30, Lisa embraced sobriety. She is proud to say that “by the grace of God” she hasn’t had a need nor desire to drink since April 22, 2001. And for that she is truly Grateful. Lisa has overcome what for some would be insurmountable challenges and has always come out on top—a true testament to the resiliency of the human spirit.

In her spare time, Lisa loves spending time with her daughters, Connie and Gabby, and four grandchildren, and with her two dogs, Tank and Loki. Family is everything to her. She loves helping to raise her village and being a role model to them. She is also passionate about travel and takes any opportunity she can to explore the world with her husband, Steve. She remains active in her recovery and tries to always carry her message to those she meets along her journey.

Real estate is Lisa’s passion. She feels she never has to truly “work” another day in her life… “because when you love what you do, it’s never work!” She cares deeply about her clients and the relationships she builds with them. She advocates and negotiates hard for her clients every step of the way. She considers her biggest professional “victories” when she helps someone realize their real estate dreams, whether it’s buying or selling. Lisa combines inner strength, hard work, street smarts, and a genuine desire to help people to become a real estate agent you can be proud to have on your side.